What is the problem of trade between Iran and the UAE?

In addition to challenging the economies of countries, Corona was an excuse for some US allies to follow US orders to impose sanctions on Iran.

The decline in Iran’s exports shows that even now that trade between the two countries has resumed, Iran’s position has returned to normal, and officials are working to restore that. Some businesses, such as Dubai, have taken the opportunity to fully impose US sanctions.

In the 2008 crisis, when the world economy experienced a deep recession, the UAE, led by Dubai, the region’s commercial hub, was heavily affected and called on Iran to help overcome the crisis. Recently, Majid Shakeri, an economic expert, revealed this issue and said: “There are still rumors that Abu Dhabi was not the first place where Dubai asked for help.” Even some seriously believe that Sheikh Rashid first asked Iran for help, not Abu Dhabi.
How serious this rumor is cannot be tested, but given Iran’s abundant oil revenues and its remoteness from the credit crunch of the US crisis, it is reasonable to make such a proposal, but it seems to have rejected that request.
He believes that the effects of the slow transformation of scattered sheikhdoms into a country centered on Abu Dhabi immediately showed itself in two areas. Initially, the Criminal Investigation Unit (CID) was very strong. Although there was an office in every sheikhdom, it was practically controlled by Abu Dhabi.
Second, the intensification of the fight against money laundering under Abu Dhabi’s agreements with the United States to control Iran’s financial activities in Dubai. The story was that an officer from Abu Dhabi was sitting inside a bank in Dubai and was carefully pressuring transactions suspected of money laundering (Iranian). Both had bitter effects on the Dubai economy, especially in the area of ​​free trade with Iran. It now appears that one of the commercial centers that once asked Iran for help is now the country’s main sanctioner and does not allow Iranian boats and ships to enter to transport goods.

The silence of the Iran-UAE Chamber of Commerce
Now Dubai has started trading with other countries, but has suspended its trade with Iran. Many economic activists, whose goods were recently imported from other countries to Dubai and then to Iran, have not been able to travel to the city for several months and bring their goods to the country. While some goods used to be imported without registering an order, the shortage of goods in the market shows that Dubai’s sea transport with Iran is still not carried out. In order to investigate the details of this issue, we contacted the Iran-UAE Chamber of Commerce, which initially welcomed the issue, but suddenly preferred silence to a response.
Majid Reza Hariri, head of the Iran-China Chamber of Commerce, told reporters that the arrival of Iranian boats in the UAE was uninformed: “Because of the problems that existed before, measures have now been taken to bring goods directly from China to Iran.”
Mehdi Mohebbi, president of the Telecommunications, Communications and Accessories Union, said: “It has been 10 days since the goods of this class arrived in Iran by air, but there is no news about maritime transport.” Given that Mohebbi has announced the arrival of telecommunications and electronic devices in Iran over the past 10 days, we should expect a reduction in the price of products in this sector. In the past two months, many imported goods have experienced at least a doubling of prices, with market participants saying the rate hike is due to a lack of imports and shortages in the country. Return to your previous one.
A solution to get out of trouble
When the US-China trade war broke out, few people thought that almond eyes would one day eliminate the dollar in their official trading, but during a careful planning, the dollar was removed from the Chinese trading list, which will definitely affect the value of the dollar in the coming years. Dubai’s UAE also plays a role, as does the dollar in the region. A large commercial center where the goods of most countries are transported to that region and reach their destinations. Therefore, whenever Dubai wants to harm the economy, it can easily fluctuate in price by not clearing the goods in that country, so Iran must consider different ways to import goods, especially basic goods, based on the principles of resistance economy policy. Stop such things.

Important goods that arrive in Iran from the sea
Car spare parts, machinery and industrial parts, metal powder and raw materials required for this field and cosmetics are often imported to Iran through Dubai’s maritime transport, which, if diminished, will affect Iran’s economy and can continue this trend. Increase the problems of this section. However, some informed sources say that maritime trade is running low, but that the situation has become more difficult due to the implementation of US sanctions. Meanwhile, Iran is also facing the problem of providing foreign exchange, and due to the decline in trade, revenues from oil exports and non-oil products have decreased.

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