Establishing Export Departments

These days it’s tougher than before to enter new markets especially when companies aren’t in the location of their parent company. a business should work in a totally different environment to beat the rivals. rules of the market can be different, laws of destination country can be severe, and more importantly, financial and legal laws can be a disaster if a company doesn’t have support.

from startup companies to middle size ones, have same concerns in their path of getting into non-native markets. after 10 years of experience working in this field, we can meet your concerns and give you enough strength to achieve what you want in the market.

hereby, Houkad With its Expertise in export management is professional to help organizations achieve foreign sales by having an export department. our experience of working with many people and companies from different spectrums can give us enough strength to back you in the markets. Houkad can handle from 0 to 100 of your organization export matters.

we would happy to hear your voice and we would be pleased to meet you in our office if you need more info for starting your export department.